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Project political board

Project Political Board members

To strengthen the interplay between VERSO, regional political authorities and the voluntary sector in Europe, the project has set up a Project Political Board of twelve members, who were appointed 30 May 2012 by the partners at the VERSO Kick-off conference.

Vibe Klarup Voetmann

Aarhus University, Denmark
Chairman of The National Council for Volunteering (Denmark)

Kaj Johansen

Middelfart Municipality, Denmark
Elected member for the Social Democrats for 20 years in the city council of Middelfart. Chairman for social work, elderly, health and handicapped.

Odysseas Potsis

Region of Epirus
Deputy Regional Administrator

Aikaterini Ramioti

University of Ioannina
Red Cross,  social worker

Chris-Dore Richter

Netzwerks Lippe

Penny Brown

Municipality of Berverly
Chief Executive in an infrastructure organization, which support rural volunteers communities. Collaborate with the Region of Yorkshire

Nacho Sequeira Aymar

University Autònoma de Barcelona
Project Political Board Member

Nacho Sequeira Aymar

University Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
NGO working for youth in the age of 16-21 to avoid social exclusion. Attempt to create framework and contacts so that young people can get closer to companies and thus employment through volunterism.

Dénes Sándor

Municipality of Zalaegerszeg
Representative board member and council at Municipality of Zalaegerszeg

Bert Bouwmeester

Municiplaity of Coevorden, The Netherlands
Burgermeister of Coevorden, border region to Germany. The city has 36.000 inhabitants and is considered a social-economic weak region of the Netherlands.

Aneta Georgieva

Sofia Municipality
Municipal Councillor, Sofia City Council

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