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2013 - April

Volunteering facilitates entry to the job market

International exchange project will document and promote relationships

Detmold. The aim of the exchange project VERSO is to find new ways to get unemployed people back into employment.

VERSO is composed of twelve partners from eight different European countries, and has been conferring in Detmold since Tuesday.

VERSO (Volunteers for European Employment) tries to find an interconnection between volunteering and entry into the labour market, respectively the labor market development in Europe. The project group consists of knowledge partners from European universities and partners from various authorities. This includes the Netzwerk Lippe.

The goal is “To combine knowledge and experience,” says Spyros Pantazi from the University of Ioannina in Greece. The conference includes excursions to study volunteer initiatives in the area such as Heerser Mühle in Bad Salzuflen and the Detmold Initiative for Work (AGA ).

By means of voluntary activity, the intention is to help unemployed people to find their way in life, to improve their social integration, and to build a bridge to permanent employment.

The organisers announced to the press yesterday that the authorities and employers should pay tribute to these volunteer activities and make it easier for volunteers to find a permanent position.

“In countries such as Denmark and Spain, it has been shown that a close relationship between volunteering and job entry works well,” says Anette Eriksen from Aarhus University in Denmark, who is a project manager of VERSO. The aim is to create a universal framework for the whole of Europe during next year.

The experiences gained will be submitted to the European Parliament. Dr. Wolfgang Sieber, Head of the Labour Market Integration Department of the Netzwerk Lippe, adds: “Experience has shown that volunteering helps people to find jobs.” (MEK)

(Press release from the Lippische Landeszeitung, 26.04.2013)

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