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October 2012

Major volunteering event in East Riding

A European project which promotes the benefits of volunteering is heading to the East Riding in November. VERSO (Volunteers for European Employment) is a pan-European initiative set up to combat the rising unemployment figures across the European Union and change negative attitudes sometimes associated with volunteering. By bringing together different partners, which include academic researchers and public authorities, from several EU countries, VERSO aims to find new and innovative approaches to help get people into employment through voluntary work.

Four universities and eight public authorities from various European countries are involved in the project, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and will continue until 2014. East Riding of Yorkshire Council is the UK’s representative.

The event in November (21-23 November), which is being hosted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, brings together partners to analyze 24 examples of good practice from across Europe. These examples will form part of a best practice catalogue which, along with the associated research, is hoped will help to influence policymakers across Europe and raise the profile of volunteering for people of all ages.

As part of the event, a number of key speakers will be at the event, including Nick Ockenden from the Institute for Volunteering, and Daniela Bosiac, from the European center for volunteering which is based I Brussels. The key speakers will be broadcast over the internet and anyone interested in taking part in the webcast event should register their interest via

VERSO last met I early September in Greece, where the first inter-regional workshop, organized by the University of Ioannina, was held. Participants felt the collaboration of academic and public authority partners was very useful for developing ways forward to help improve the employment prospects of people through volunteering. Volunteering is a way to maintain, develop and enhance job skills which can benefit both those who are unemployed and marginalized groups. Details of this event and other VERSO activities can be found on the website

Notes to editors

This project is funded by the EU European Regional Development Fund through the INTERREG IVC programme.

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